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About Me Continued

History of How I fell in Love with Art.

I have been drawn to art as far back as I can remember. My Granny and Grandfather were artists, amazing painters that were published in the early 1900s. Granny and Mister painted people places and things, and their home was decorated in their own masterpieces. If you scroll through the images below, you will find a couple of my Granny's masterpieces that were published. I always thought that was so cool! I remember being so amazed by their talents and thinking I wish one day to be as good as my granny. We used to sit in her sunroom and color for hours together. I also recall I would always really enjoy art class in school, much more than any of the other classes. I actually still enjoy painting, drawing, and expressing myself through various types of art, and set up family paint days occasionally.

In my adolescence found that was drawn to the wonders and beauty of nature as well. I used to buy film, or use disposable cameras, (showing my age here) and you would see me at the town pharmacy getting prints weekly! I took pictures of the mountains, flowers, my family, wildlife, anything I thought looked beautiful! I always had a little point-and-shoot camera with me. I didnt know then that I was grooming myself for a future as a photographer.

I love photographing families because that was the main motivation, the reason why I started photography for myself. I feel that these images become priceless! Heirlooms passed down and cherished for generations to come.


The last year

The last 12 months have really made me appreciate portraits a million times more! I found out in May of 2021 that my mom now has Pancreatic Cancer. I have always cherished every photo opportunity that we have had, but now they are even more special. Even more Important! My mom is my best friend! I talk to her every day, tell her everything, and she is just the one person that has always been consistently there for me throughout my life! When I say my life has been flipped upside down as I have been traveling to Maryland from Houston, and Back every other month to take care of my mom while she goes through chemo, that's an understatement. But I wouldn't change any of it for the world, to be there with her, help her through this, and make these memories with her are priceless. Time is the one thing we can never get back! She is even more my motivation to be the best photographer I can be and capture your family's irreplaceable memories too.

In January 2022 my father passed away unexpectedly due to covid and complications. This has really hit me hard, I loved him so much! It has yet again pushed me to cherish photos even more! Since his passing I spend so much time staring at old photographs of him. Nothing will ever bring him back, but when I look at the photos I have, so many memories flood back. I hear his voice, I feel his hugs, I just remember him.

This is why I always encourage people to take family photos! Who cares if you wanted to lose 10 more lbs., dye your hair, or get a "mommy makeover"!? Tomorrow is not promised, and your children will not care! What they will care about is that they have no family photos, no photos of their mom/dad! Nothing to show their children, "you look just like your grandpa". They will cherish every photo of you regardless of your imperfections. So, book that family session, and stop putting it off!

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