Ginny Clark Photography is a unique, one-of-a-kind portrait photography experience. We make our sessions fun, and about you. To check for availability and start booking your session just click on the contact tab and send us an email detailing who you are, and the type of session you are interested in.

Portrait sessions with Ginny Clark Photography start at $525

I saw a post recently that raised the question - at what age should you stop taking photos of your kids? My answer to that is Never.  I don't care if they are grown, book a photoshoot with your children and your grandchildren! We will be leave behind nothing but memories and pictures once we leave this earth - making these images priceless, irreplaceable heirlooms! Equally, if not More important than a handed down watch from grandad - an image of him, wearing it. These become conversational pieces to bring up memories of the people in the pictures, and that time in life. A way to share with our children and grandchildren one day! Cherish these images, relive these moments, capture them every year, multiple times a year if you can.

“A photograph is a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone forever”

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